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Lenovo Legion H600 Wireless Gaming Headset review: Good sounds

Lenovo Legion H600 Wireless Gaming Headset review: Good sounds

Lenovo Legion H600 and S600

The Lenovo Legion H600 Wireless Gaming Headset is easily a can buy. I loved how good the headset sounded in games or when playing music. It also sits quite comfortably on the head, and the fabric ear cups make it less prone to peeling in our humid weather.

Quick specs

  • 50mm drivers
  • 660g
  • 2.4GHz with dongle, or wired with 3.5mm to 3.5mm
  • S600 dock does 5W charging (headphones), and 10W Qi wireless charging

The H600 sounds really good for both games and music. There's clear separation between the mids and the highs. The bass also stands out, without being boomy in the least. You'd be surprised at how great it is for music. In games, you'll hear enemies clearly, and having that added edge and awareness makes this Legion headset a killer. You can also use it with the PS5, like the Logitech G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset. Alternatively, you can just plug it in as a wired headset with the 3.5mm cable to a Dual Sense controller.

Lenovo Legion H600 and S600
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The H600's volume knob is on the left earcup, along with the microphone. I'm told I sounded really clear in calls, and it seems to tally with my own self-recordings for testing. Flipping the microphone up also automatically mutes it. The headset is good for 20 hours of playback. There's also a Lenovo Legion S600 Gaming Station I tested this headset with, but it's not available for sale yet. With it, you can dock the headset on it to keep it charged while not in use.

Lenovo Legion H600 and S600
The H600 resting on the S600, which can also charge your phone wirelessly.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Speaking of which, the S600 also comes with a built-in 10W Qi wireless charger, so you can leave your phone at the base to keep it powered. The S600 uses its own power AC adaptor. It does have a USB-C port to connect to your PC, and two additional USB Type-A ports to connect your mouse or keyboard. My only grouse is that the charging pins on the headset are on the opposite side — you'll have to flip the headset around before you wear it or charge it.

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The S$199 Lenovo Legion H600 Wireless Gaming Headset is no doubt a great pair of wireless headphones. You'll love how it sounds and how comfortable it is to wear. If you're getting one, you should also consider picking up the Lenovo Legion S600 Gaming Station, which lets you stow away the headset and charge it to keep it perpetually juiced. Sadly, the S600 isn't yet available. Get the H600 at your usual online retailers such as Shopee, Lazada, or from Lenovo direct, where it's the cheapest at S$149.

Note: Review unit provided by Lenovo.

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Great audio clarity and comfort.

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