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Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600 review: Smart and capable

Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600 review: Smart and capable

The Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600. Credit: Kyvol

Air fryers are ubiquitous in most kitchens, with cheap ones going for as low as S$40. And then you have the Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600 which, at S$199, is a “smart, thoughtful and versatile cooking partner”, and comes with a companion app. But do you really need the bells and whistles?

Quick specs

  • Dimensions: 302 x 356 x 328mm
  • Weight 5.3kg
  • Capacity: 5.7L
  • App available on Apple App Store and Google Play

The Epichef Air Fryer looks and feels good. It has a sleek, mostly matte-black body that looks great on the countertop, and is light and small enough to be easily stowed away if you need the space. The touch-operated buttons work with wet hands, and the knob makes it easy to change settings. The see-through window is great — it's always fun to watch food cook, and it's not something many air fryers have.

The Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600. Credit: Alvin Chong
Cooking with the Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer. Credit: Alvin Chong/Can Buy or Not

It’s powered by a “Carbonfiber” tube, which is touted to cook food 30% faster with both heat and light. I can’t really vouch for that, but everything was cooked well when I followed heating times on the food packaging. I didn't encounter any issues: The Epichef Air Fryer AF600 is a very capable air fryer. Whether it was falafels, curry puffs, or even Korean pancakes, everything came out fine — even if they aren't quite the same as frying with oil. The 5.7L tray is large enough to fit a whole chicken (just not too big), and the tray and crisper plate are non-stick and easy to clean. (And if cleaning the whole tray isn't your thing, you can always consider the Balsang Air Fryer Square Silicone Pot.)

The Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600's app. Credit: Alvin Chong
You can adjust the settings, and monitor the current temperature in the app while cooking. Credit: Alvin Chong/Can Buy or Not

The app mostly replicates the functions you get on the touch panel. It is somewhat useful. I could monitor the remaining cook time, adjust time and temperature away from the air fryer, or get preheating started even before I got to the kitchen. It also has recipes you can browse for inspiration. And I would often get a “cooking done” notification even before the machine beeped. All in all, it's not a bad extra to have.

Despite all its fancy trimmings, the Kyvol Epichef Air Fryer AF600 isn't life-changing enough for those with air fryers to switch to. But if you need a new air fryer, or are in the market to get one, the Epichef is worth considering. It’s not the cheapest in the market for sure, but for S$199, you’re getting a very convenient, capable device. It's available from Kyvol

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Capable and convenient, but the app isn't a life-changer.

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