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Keychron Q2 Max review: Compact satisfaction

Keychron Q2 Max review: Compact satisfaction

Keychron Q2 Max

The Keychron Q2 Max is the mechanical keyboard maker’s latest release. Unlike Keychron’s more budget-friendly releases, the Q2 Max is its latest premium product that offers a great mix of quality, and function.

Quick Specs

  • 65% layout
  • Support for 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, and Type-C wired connections
  • 1000Hz polling rate for wireless and wired (but not Bluetooth)
  • Comes with tools to install your own keycaps and switches

The Keychron Q2 Max is a compact 65% layout keyboard. But don’t let its size fool you — the Q2 Max weights a hefty 1.5kg fully assembled. It’s not a keyboard you bring to a cafe, but at the same time, it’ll stay firmly planted when you’re typing furiously. Keychron provides tools for you to customise it with your own switches, and keycaps. It has multiple connection options, with wired, and 2.4GHz wireless dongle being the best if you're gaming. You can map the knob — at the top right corner — to various functions, but mostly I use it to adjust the volume.

Keychron Q2 Max
The USB-C connector, switch for Windows and Mac layouts, and for wired and wireless options. Credit: Gavin Loon/Can Buy Or Not

The 65% format never felt like a squeeze. Gaming was great for both wired and wireless. Connectivity was usually instant when I turned it on. Losing the function row was a bit of a pain initially, but I soon got used to it. I would still prefer a full-sized keyboard if I was doing a lot of work on Excel, But otherwise for day-to-day, the 65% format was very functional. The provided Gateron Jupiter Reds switches had a satisfying thock each time I bottomed out, and I really enjoyed the typing experience.

Keychron Q2 Max
Credit: Gavin Loon/Can Buy Or Not

That said, I wish the Q2 Max came with a cover to keep dust away. Like most other Keychron keyboards, the Q2 Max can be quite tall, so you would want a wrist rest. There are also no feet to adjust the typing angle, but I find the current height just nice. Battery life is rated for about 100 hours with the RGB backlights on. I had to recharge the keyboard every 8 to 10 days or so. Personally, I do miss the function bar from time to time, especially on Windows. But the Keychron Q2 Max’s small footprint is a boon for someone with desk clutter like me, and now I use it for both my work laptop, and my gaming desktop.

The Keychron Q2 Max costs US$209 (about S$280) from the Keychron website before shipping. That’s not exactly budget friendly, but it is a premium product, and it feels like one. If you're looking for something more affordable, check out the Keychron K8 instead. There's also the much slimmer Keychron K7, or the more ergonomic Alice-style Keychron Q8 to consider.

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Note: Review unit provided by Keychron.

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Great for work and play, as long as you don't mind losing some keys.

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