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Keychron K7 Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard review: Good for wrists

Keychron K7 Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard review: Good for wrists

Keychron K7

It’s been almost a month since my Keychron K7 Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard became my go-to keyboard for daily use. Which is timely, since I'm mostly working from home these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In that time, I have fallen in love with its low-profile physique and crisp, chiclet-y sounds. You'll want one, too.

Quick specs

  • 68-key layout; Gateron Red, Blue or Brown switches as well as Optical Red, Blue, Brown, Banana and Mint switches
  • USB Type-C for charging and using in wired mode
  • Two adjustable feet levels to suit typing comfort
  • 1,550mAh battery rated at 34 hours

The first thing you'll notice is that the K7 is really light at around 350g. By comparison, the new K6, another 65%-layout keyboard, is 200g heavier while its chonky predecessor, the K2 weighs nearly 800g. Compared with the K2 which I’d used for a year before switching, my wrists aren’t sore from reaching up to type for long periods of time. The Gateron Mechanical Blue switches are not as jarring to the ear — at least for my co-worker, i.e. my wife.

Keychron K7
Credit: TC Kwan/Can Buy or Not

And what looks to be acknowledgement of the K2 height issue, Keychron has added two adjustable feet levels for the K7 — a plus in my books. The compatibility with Mac and Windows, long battery life, and general sturdiness of the keyboard, have set the bar for its competitors.

Keychron K7
Credit: TC Kwan/Can Buy or Not

Yet, there are still some things that irk. The original keycaps are susceptible to stains due to oily fingers (oily skin is a bane, folks) even at this early stage of use. Also, if you’ve not used a 65% layout keyboard before like me, learning the combination keys for everyday functions like changing volume and screen brightness takes some time getting used to. Battery life is rated at 34 hours, but I use it wirelessly everyday and really only needed to charge it once a week. I do turn it off when not in use, though.

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The entry-level Keychron K7 Ultra-slim Wireless Keyboard with white backlight and Gateron Mechanical switches costs just US$74. Depending on your choice of switches and if you choose RGB backlighting, the price will go up. That's also not including shipping. Get it from the manufacturer's website for now. It's not yet available on Amazon or local e-commerce sites such as Lazada or Shopee.

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The K7 is a light-weight, portable keyboard that works as well as it looks.

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