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Jisulife Lint Remover review: Lint no more

Jisulife Lint Remover review: Lint no more

Jisulife Mini Fabric Shaver

I really dislike lint. Sadly, my weapon of choice, the Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover died after a year of use. That's a shame because I really liked it. I was about to grab another, but the wife found the even more impressive Jisulife Lint Remover, which comes with two speed modes and a light (for removing lint in the dark, of course).

Editor's note: This product appears to be discontinued and not sold in stores any more.

Quick specs

  • 1.5hr to 2hr battery life
  • 100ml container
  • 2 speeds: 7,000rpm and 8,000rpm

The Jisulife Lint Remover costs a bit more that the Mijia model, and also has a few differences. For one, the bin is located above the blades. I haven't accumulated enough shavings for it to fall back in, but the air pressure from the spinning blade pushes lint to the top. The motor will also turn off if the covers are open.

Jisulife Mini Fabric Shaver
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

One thing I like about the Jisulife Lint Remover is that it comes with two speeds. The first speed is rated at 7,000rpm, while the second is at 8,000rpm. You can hear the difference. Pressing the power button once turns it on at the first speed, the second cranks it up. The third press turns it off. You can also long press anytime to turn on the light.

Jisulife Mini Fabric Shaver
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Battery life is rated at 90 minutes for the 1,100mAh battery. I haven't yet gotten there yet (who really shaves lint for over an hour?). To charge, just use a micro-USB cable. The steel mesh will help keep your hands from getting sliced accidentally. It also comes with a cleaning brush and two spare blades.

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Costing just S$12 to S$17, the Jisulife Lint Remover is an easy can buy. In fact, I think it may be better than the Mijia Lint Remover by a bit. Get it from Shopee or Lazada.

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A great way to remove lint.

Buy it at Shopee
Available at Lazada

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