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Iqunix L80 Mechanical Keyboard review: The good-looking type

Iqunix L80 Mechanical Keyboard review: The good-looking type

Iqunix L80

I like keyboards with the 75% layout, like the original Keychron K2, because they pack all keys I need in a compact form factor. The Iqunix L80 provides the same functionality, with a few extras like hot-swappable switches, better keycaps, and an eye-catching design.

Quick specs

  • 75% layout with no number pad
  • USB-C, 2.4GHz, or Bluetooth connection
  • PBT keycaps
  • Hot-swappable PCB to easily change switches

The Iqunix L80 comes in a white case with white, red and grey keycaps made of PBT plastic. The attractive colour combination isn't garish, and will invite praise from your co-workers. Iqunix even provided a braided USB-C cable which matches the keyboard's colourway. The keyboard feet support two different angles when extended, so you have more control over the angle of tilt.

It's a looker.
Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

You can use the L80 as a wired or wireless keyboard, using a switch at the base to toggle between the two modes. In wireless mode, I chose 2.4GHz RF, so I have to keep a provided dongle attached to my computer. The connection is stable with no noticeable lag. I also tested it out in Bluetooth mode and got the same experience. Note that unlike the Keychron K2, you can't pair multiple Bluetooth devices and quickly toggle between them. The 4000mAh battery hardly needs to be charged. I have been using the Iqunix L80 for four weeks (daily weekday use) in 2.4GHz mode, and it's still going strong. Note that my version is without backlight, which will definitely last longer than one with lighting enabled.

Iqunix L80
A tool is included for removing switches. Credit: John Chan/Can Buy or Not

Typing experience on the Iqunix L80 is great. The solidly-built base and rubber feet mean it stays stable no matter your typing style. The Iqunix website indicates you can choose between most Cherry MX and Gateron key switches, so you have a good selection whether you like clicky, tactile or linear switches. I chose Cherry MX Silent Red switches as a courtesy to my colleagues. Some online vendors also offer TTC switches. Which brings us to the next point — the hot-swappable PCB. This means you can just buy new switches and replace them yourself. This lets you get a new typing experience without having to buy a new keyboard.

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At US$169 from the official site, the Iqunix L80 is pricey. In comparison, a similar Keychron K2 is just US$$79, or US$119 if you add on a PBT keycap set. However, for those who love the look of the L80, the premium may be worth it. And ultimately, you are getting something that checks all the boxes for features you want in a good wireless compact keyboard.

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Great-looking mechanical keyboard.

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