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HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor review: Cable-free life

HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor review: Cable-free life

HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor

On-the-go Windows users looking for a wireless display can consider the HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor. Just don't try to use it as both a wireless and wired monitor — it doesn't quite play nice switching between modes. Otherwise, the sharp and bright 27-inch 4K display will definitely make you feel a lot more productive.

Quick specs

  • 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) native resolution, 60Hz
  • 5ms GTG
  • Wi-Fi Direct display
  • 5kg

As a wireless monitor, the U27 4K works only with Windows laptops. This includes Windows 11. It will not work for MacBooks, as they don't support Wi-Fi Direct displays. The wireless nature of the monitor makes it easy for those who like to work around the home or office. Best of all, you don't have to fumble with wires. Once paired with a Windows laptop as an external monitor, the U27 will let you use connected keyboard or mice to control your PC. I did notice quite a bit of latency with a wireless mice though, so this may not be the best idea.

HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor
The thin bezels and panel are similar to that of a modern TV.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Do note that if you want it to be used as a wireless monitor, you probably shouldn't use HDMI or DisplayPort to connect. The monitor doesn't switch between wired and wireless automatically, and there's quite a bit of button pressing to change between the two modes. Changing between wired inputs though, is just a simple button press. I think it's quite a silly design choice given the flexibility of this monitor. The U27 comes with a great stand, or you can use the included VESA mount and pair it with monitor arms such as the Prism+ Arc Opus Dual.

HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The display caps out at 4K 60Hz wired, or 30Hz wireless. You can also use the HP Quick Pair app to automatically connect to the display when in range, or when you open up your laptop. You can game with it — there's AMD FreeSync support — but only up to 60Hz. The screen is bright, and colors are vibrant. I quite enjoyed watching Netflix on this display, but there's no HDR. The built-in down-firing speakers are decent, but I didn't use them much. That said, this mean a cleaner-looking desk, since you won't need desktop tweeters.

At S$749, the HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor isn't the cheapest around. The addition of wireless connectivity though, makes it somewhat stand out. However, you can get cheaper 4K 27-inch monitors — with HDR to boot. So get this only if you're looking for a wireless solution for your home or office needs. Available at HP's online store.

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Great monitor, but works best if you choose between wireless and wired mode.

Available at HP online store

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