HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset review: Literally cool

HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset

It's not hard to figure out why staying cool in our tropical heat is tough. Gaming without the air conditioner on means sweating all around, especially so if you have a headset on. That's why HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset stands out with its thermoelectric coolers on each ear cups that keep the temperatures down. It sounds cool, and it is.

Quick specs

  • 40 mm Neodymium drivers
  • Thermo-Electric cooler (TEC)
  • USB Standard-A plug, USB 2.0

There's some moisture from condensation that happens when the cooling takes place. I did not notice any issue with the water forming on the metal plates. The outside will get warm — but that's normal. The heat from inside your ear cups has to go somewhere. While I didn't quite feel if it's cooler, my ears didn't feel sweaty either, despite wearing the Mindframe for an hour or more. It's also quite comfortable to wear.

HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The microphone boom can be muted by swinging it upwards. You can control the volume of the headset via a wheel, but that's it. You also can't control how cold you want the ear cups to be. That's all done from the Windows-only HP Omen Command Centre app which you'll need to install on your PC. You can choose three settings for the coolness, as well as control the lighting on the headset.

HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Audio wise, the Mindframe headset is decent, but not the best. There's pretty good highs, but it all feels a tad crowded at the mids. The bass can feel a bit lacking, so you may not like it as much, compared to say, the Logitech G Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset. It's also not wireless, as the cooling tech needs quite a bit of power, and batteries would also make the headset a lot heavier that it already is.

HP Omen Mindframe Gaming Headset has one cool gimmick that makes it stand out, and it works well. The audio can be a bit better, but it's fine for gaming. You'll enjoy how your ears don't feel sweaty after a long gaming session. You can get it from Shopee at around S$170 or from Amazon at a bit more.

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The headset cools your ears, but the audio could be better.

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