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Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero review: Water-free mirrors

Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero review: Water-free mirrors

Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero

Ever hate how your car's side mirrors become useless in the rain? I do. Luckily, the Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero alleviates much of this by coating your mirror with a layer of hydrophobic microscopic silica crystals. This makes water slide right off, or not even stick. It's somewhat like magic (but is actually science).

Quick specs

  • 40ml bottle
  • Ingredients include alcohol, silica
  • Store below 40 degrees Celsius and out of direct sunlight

The Mirror Coat Zero comes in a small 40ml bottle. It doesn't feel like there's a lot inside, but the spray is good for about 10 coats. Each coating usually lasts till your next wash. To apply, just spray the mirror from about 15cm away, and try to get all the glass coated. Once applied, don't wipe any of the residue on the mirror, as you'll remove the coating. In Singapore's weather, it takes about one hour for it to completely dry.

Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

As it's drying, you will notice a very slight haziness on the mirror. It will affect the image quality you're seeing through your mirror, but not enough to be an issue. The haze goes away after a bit. I really liked how the coating works great during a strong rain, with water droplets just steering clear of your mirror. And interestingly, the effect works too in light rain, but your mirror will instead be blocked by the water droplets on your side windows.

Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero
The coating has worn off quite a bit after a car wash.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

If you want to maximise your use of the Mirror Coat Zero, you'll have to wash the car yourself. Automated car washers usually scrub off the coating by blasting the car all over, including the mirrors. Doing it yourself means you avoid washing off the coating. You'll also want to make sure you don't touch or wipe the mirrors. I also liked that you can spray the repellant on your rear camera's lens, so you can keep it clear after a rain (which is my favourite use of the spray).

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The Soft99 Glaco Mirror Coat Zero retails for around S$15 online on Shopee and Lazada. It's easy to use, and works pretty well. However, I do feel that it's pretty expensive for what it does, and its non-permanency means the costs will add up. Also, if you're unlucky, you can go from car wash to car wash without seeing rain, which means you have wasted a coating.

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Works great to keep your mirror clear, but it's a bit expensive.

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