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Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen mini review: Short but challenging

Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen mini review: Short but challenging

Echoes of the Fallen

The first of two DLCs for Final Fantasy XVI, Echoes of the Fallen is honestly really short. You can finish it in three hours, and only the last boss is challenging enough. It plays out like one of the quests in the game, but you do get some neat rewards. This includes a new, powerful sword, and accessories that can somewhat change your playstyle. I did have fun, and it was nice revisiting the world of FF16 again.

Quick notes

  • One of two DLCs, cheaper to buy the bundle
  • An area in the original game finally makes sense
  • Use your best gear, the boss will be hard

Taking place sometime before the end of the game, Echoes of the Fallen requires you to have unlocked the Origin location. Clive will need to have also completed the sidequests “Where There's A Will” and “Priceless”. Then after chatting with the crew at the the hideout, Clive and his merry crew heads out to Sagespire, a tower located in the Deadlands. Without giving out spoilers, you'll fight your way up the tower battling Fallen enemies. Once Clive reaches the top, there's a boss fight that you'll have to maybe replay a few times to figure out its patterns.

Echoes of the Fallen
Screenshot: Square Enix

But otherwise, this DLC is pretty short, and if you want something longer, I'm guessing you'll have to wait till The Rising Tide DLC that releases in Spring 2024. Hopefully, that will be a bit longer with more to do. Buy the Final Fantasy XVI expansion pass from the PlayStation Store to get both DLCs at S$31.40. Otherwise, you can pick up Echoes of the Fallen for just S$12.50. Pricing for The Rising Tide has not yet been released, but given that the expansion pass offers a bundle discount, expect The Rising Tide to cost quite a bit more.

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