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EPOS Adapt 261 Bluetooth Headset review: Solid audio

EPOS Adapt 261 Bluetooth Headset review: Solid audio

EPOS Adapt 261

For a wireless headset that is built for the workplace, the EPOS Adapt 261 Bluetooth headset is surprisingly adept at playing music. Of course, I should have known better. After all, EPOS, for those who are unaware, was formed from the enterprise and gaming audio divisions of a joint venture between audio firm Sennheiser and healthcare company Demant. Hence, while the Adapt 261 is all business, from its all-black professional appearance to its dedicated Microsoft Teams button, this headset is perfect for those who like some ambient music while working.

Quick specs

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with USB-C dongle
  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams button
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Up to 27 hour battery life

The Adapt 261 has a USB-C dongle. If you prefer a USB-A dongle, get the Adapt 260 instead. The two models are identical in every other way. You don't need the dongle if your device supports Bluetooth. The headset is very portable, which is great if you're travelling. It weighs around 120g, with a sleek frame and relatively compact ear pads. The headband has a hollow depression on the right so you can stow the microphone arm in it to save space. The ear pads can be twisted 90 degrees such that they lie flat on a desk, though the headset cannot be folded into a more compact form. The leatherette ear pads are soft and do not get too warm after extended use. But they sit on my ears rather than enclose them. As a result, my ears feel pinched after several hours of use.

EPOS Adapt 261
The ear pads can rotate to lie flat. But you cannot fold the headset. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

All the controls (Teams button, volume rocker and power/mute) are located on the right ear. But unless you work at a call centre, you probably won't need to learn all the controls, which can get fairly complicated because of the limited number of buttons. One minor grouse: The volume rocker changes the volume by 6% with each adjustment, which is a bit too much. I ended up using the PC's volume slider for finer control. A status LED indicator tells you the remaining battery power. It is also used for Bluetooth pairing — the connection is very stable and works through a closed door several rooms away. You can connect up to two devices at the same time.

EPOS Adapt 261
There's a slight hollow depression in the headband to fit the microphone arm. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

The bass from the Adapt 261 headset is more pronounced than expected. But the middle registers can sound muddy. The headset also produced crisp sounds that are especially prominent in shooting games. However, there's no noise cancellation and the noise isolation is middling. Basically, you will hear everything that's being said by your colleague in the next cubicle even during music playback. The microphone has noise cancellation, but while it reduces some noise, the sound of my ceiling fan is still audible to the other party in a video call. However, my voice still comes across clearly, albeit slightly distant. In short, you can rely on it for your Zoom meetings.

The EPOS Adapt 261 is said to last up to 27 hours for audio playback, which is excellent. The headset had around 60% charge after several days of use. At around S$249, it is a good lightweight Bluetooth headset with above average audio quality, excellent battery life, and solid wireless connectivity. It is available from the local distributor, or if you don't mind not having local warranty, import it from Amazon US for around S$170.

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Better than expected audio quality for a work-focused wireless headset.

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