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Endless Dungeon review: Roguelike fun

Endless Dungeon review: Roguelike fun

Endless Dungeon

Taking its cues from the original turn-based Dungeons of the Endless, Endless Dungeon is a twin-stick shooter that's pretty fun to dig into. You play as a team of characters trying to unravel a mysterious space station, while also figuring out tower defense mechanics as you defend your base — in this case, a moving crystal bot that's also kind of cute.

Quick notes

  • Lots of shooting action, can be played with keyboard mouse or controller
  • Routing your enemies will play an important part in later stages
  • Tied to the Endless Space series, so you'll find the lore familiar
  • Quests are fun to do and clear

Fans who have played the original game will find lots of returning elements, but for the uninitiated, here are the basics. You take control of a team of three heroes, switching between each anytime. You'll fight off hordes of enemies trying to destroy your crystal bot, and there's a chance for enemy waves to spawn when you open doors or doing certain actions. To finish a stage, you need to move your bot towards a certain door. This will also trigger an endless wave of enemies until the bot settles in a new spot.

Endless Dungeon
Credit: Amplitude Studios/SEGA

To help you with enemies, you can build turrets to attack them. There are a whole bunch to choose from, but you'll need to research them first with the Science station. However, this will trigger a wave. The enemies do get progressively harder the deeper down the dungeon you go. Each enemy also has different elements that they are vulnerable to, and you have to pick the right weapons to make your life easier. You can also collect mementos, as well as clear quests to power up your characters. Scraps are a form of currency that you use to upgrade the Saloon. This is the place you end up when you die. And you will die a lot. Chips are the other form of currency which you use to upgrade your weapon and heroes.

Endless Dungeon
Credit: Amplitude Studios/SEGA

Everything gets reset when you die, but your upgrades are kept. This allows you to become more powerful with each subsequent run, until you beat the game. There are eight playable characters with different skills, and you'll have plenty to do to clear their quests. There are honestly a lot of things to do in this game, but thankfully, Endless Dungeon doesn't feel overwhelming. Everything gets trickled out carefully to you, which I like. There's a gradual sense of growing stronger, too. The game really starts to click when you will figure out how to plan your defense and optimise your movement. It's not just randomly opening doors to progress once you get deeper into the game.

At S$35, Endless Dungeon is an easy Can Buy from us, especially if you like roguelikes such as Hades. The art is great, the gameplay engaging, and you'll have lots of fun. While I mostly played solo, you can also jump into a multiplayer game, and go toe to toe against the monster waves with friends. Get it from Steam, Xbox Store or Shopee.

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