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Dreamfarm Garject review: Amazing garlic press

Dreamfarm Garject review: Amazing garlic press

dreamfarm garject

Australian kitchen gadget maker Dreamfarm has built up a reputation for innovative products, and the Dreamfarm Garject is no different. This garlic press' greatest perk is that it quickly and conveniently crushes garlic cloves without you even needing to peel them. Having been an enthusiast home cook for over 25 years, I can confirm that Dreamfarm’s claim that its Garject as the world’s best garlic press is pretty much true.

Quick specs

  • Chrome plated die cast zinc, nylon plastic
  • 400g
  • Dishwasher safe / BPA free

You use it just like any other garlic press by crushing unskinned cloves of garlic. This is where the similarity ends. Thanks to its heft and well-designed handle, it takes less effort to crush the cloves. Opening the handle automatically moves a scraper across the surface of the extruder to clear any remaining garlic away. 

Fully opening the handles presses prongs through the holes of the extruder, and pushes out any remaining garlic. You'll hear a click when this is done. This also loosens the skin still stuck in the press, and you can press a button to activate a scoop to flick the skin out.

dreamfarm garject
Credit: Andrew Chan/Can Buy or Not
dreamfarm garject
Credit: Andrew Chan/Can Buy or Not
dreamfarm garject
Credit: Andrew Chan/Can Buy or Not

Conventional garlic presses usually require you to peel the cloves beforehand. If you don't, you end up with skin clogging the holes of the extruders. And it's pretty difficult to clean off. You can tell that the Garject’s designers took their time to think about how to overcome all the shortcomings of conventional presses. 

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Retailing at S$59.90 on Lazada, the Dreamfarm Garject is also the most expensive garlic press I know of. However, for the time and effort it saves, it's totally worth it as a must-have kitchen tool. It's also built to last. This is especially so if you love garlic. There's a smaller plastic model called the Garject Lite that goes for S$30. That said, I still recommend the full-sized one, which you can get on places like Shopee or Lazada.

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I will crush you like a garlic.

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