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DJI OM 5 review: Handy stabilizer

DJI OM 5 review: Handy stabilizer


The latest and newest DJI OM 5 is lighter, comes with a built-in extension rod, and sports improved software features. As a user of the original DJI Osmo Mobile, the newest stabilizer is great enough that I want to upgrade. Like the previous OM 4, it also folds down into a nice size for packing. What's not to like?

Quick specs

  • Weight: 292g
  • Max phone weight: 230g +/- 60g
  • Battery: 1,000mAh or 6.4 hours
  • Bluetooth LE 5.0

The biggest and most important change to the OM 5 is the inclusion of an extension rod. It's hidden inside the handle, and more than doubles the length of the stabilizer. This gives you a bit more reach for your shots. The gimbal is also lighter and smaller than the previous model. The folding is also different. Instead of keeping the gimbal's mount facing out, it's now facing in. This means it takes a bit longer to put the phone in place and get shooting. The included magnetic clamp works with cases, and the gimbal is strong enough to keep it steady.

Note: This is not the full extension.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The gimbal grip is comfortable, offering a good hold. The buttons are within reach, though I had to stretch to reach the zoom button if I was holding it normally. Depending on your gripping style, this may not be an issue. Battery life is also good — it's rated at around 6.4 hours. However, this is less than the 15 hours rated for the OM 4. I don't feel this is a problem though, if I'm shooting with my phone, that's probably enough. You also can't swap out the battery.

Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

On the software front, the DJI Mimo app comes with a ton of features to help even novices shoot. It has guide shots so you can quickly put together a short film, and also tutorials. The app also lets you access the gimbal's other features, such as SpinShot, which lets you spin the phone in place. Other cool tricks include DynamicZoom, which mimics the dolly zoom effect, though it feels hard to get it done right. The gimbal also uses ActiveTrack 4.0 and it does a great job at keeping your target in the shot. I've tried using the app's AI Editor to create a video, but have yet to get it to actually work.

The DJI OM 5 is a great add-on for smartphone video creators. Add a microphone, say the Boya BY-WM3 Wireless Microphone, and you're probably set. There may be an issue with using the wireless mic with a bigger phone in portrait mode though. If you're still using an OM 4, it might not be a big enough upgrade. If you're using an OM 3 or earlier, I'm gonna say, why not? Get it for S$219 (or cheaper) from Shopee, Lazada, or Amazon.

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