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D-Link DCS-8635LH 2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera review: Features galore

D-Link DCS-8635LH 2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera review: Features galore

D-Link DCS-8635LH

The D-Link DCS-8635LH 2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera is, without a doubt, the most impressive security camera I have tested from the Taiwanese firm. Its features and specs are among the best for consumer home security cameras. And the companion mydlink mobile app, which has frustrated me in the past, is much improved from previous iterations.

Quick specs

  • 2K QHD 1,440p resolution with 360-degree views (270-degree pan)
  • IP65 weather resistant
  • Cloud recording and local storage (up to 256GB microSD card)
  • Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi support

As its name suggests, the DCS-8635LH is intended for outdoor use. You can, of course, use it inside the home, but many of its features, such as being able to withstand extreme temperatures, weather resistance, and vehicle detection, will be redundant then. Aside from the usual motion detection, the sound of breaking glass will also trigger the camera. I had previously tried this unusual glass detection feature in the D-Link DCS-8630LH, though this time, I experienced a couple of false alarms with the DCS-8635LH. The camera also comes with a built-in siren, two-way speakers, and AI-powered motion detection. In fact, I feel that the DCS-8635LH only needs an integrated spotlight to be the complete package. If these features sound like overkill, try a cheaper, no-frills security camera like the TP-Link Tapo C210 instead.

D-Link DCS-8635LH
The microSD card slot is located at the bottom of the camera. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Since I'm only testing it temporarily, I did not mount the camera around a pole or on the wall. But the package comes with the necessary mounting tools (cable ties, screws and more). The mydlink app (for iOS and Android) also has a helpful installation guide and even a spirit level feature to ensure your screw holes are aligned properly (either horizontally or vertically). Pairing the D-Link camera with the app could not be more straightforward. The mobile app automatically detects the presence of the camera (via Bluetooth) — you then scan a QR code on the camera to continue the setup process.

D-Link DCS-8635LH

Because of its pan-and-zoom feature, the DCS-8635LH offers 360-degree coverage of its surroundings. It will also pan to track a person automatically, which is cool to see it in real time and likely to deter potential intruders. This, coupled with the camera's sharp 2K resolution, means that you'll get a clear and detailed view of the vicinity. The panning motion is smooth and responds promptly to my swipes in the app. The AI-powered motion detection is spot-on, with the app correctly distinguishing a person from other objects. I did not manage to test vehicle detection, though. The DCS-8635LH also supports either local or cloud storage for recorded photos and videos. And unlike some brands, there's a free tier for cloud storage (one-day cloud recording for up to three cameras). You can also upgrade to 7, 14 or 30-day paid plans that support more cameras.

Like most modern security cameras, you can link the D-Link DCS-8635LH to virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to use voice commands. I don't really see the point given the handful of voice commands available. But if you have more than one D-Link smart home devices, like another D-Link camera, you can configure them to work together in the app. The DCS-8635LH costs S$189, which is a very attractive price given its features. For example, the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera is S$399, though it has a spotlight and the camera supports HDR. Get the D-Link DCS-8635LH now from Shopee and Lazada.

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Solid and feature-packed outdoor Wi-Fi camera.

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