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Cuchen UV Sterilizer review: Deep cleaning light

Cuchen UV Sterilizer review: Deep cleaning light

Cuchen UV Sterilizer

Looking very much like a Smeg fridge, the Cuchen UV Sterilizer keeps my baby gear and accessories clean and germ free. It packs medical grade UV LED and is big enough to put a stuffed toy inside for cleaning. It's perfect for my needs and I love it.

Quick specs

  • One-touch operation
  • Medical grade UV lamp
  • Fits up to 18 bottles

The Cuchen UV Sterilizer is easy to use, and can also fit up to three racks. It comes with a bottle rack, one for nipples and a basket type. There's also a holder at the bottom for me to chuck my baby's utensils in for sterilizing. The mirrored walls inside also help to bounce the light around inside to spread the UV rays around. There are five modes of operation to choose from — auto, drying, sterilizing, storage and ventilation. 

I used mainly auto, dry and sterilization. The sterilization mode took around 5 to 20 minutes to complete, while auto can take up to 70 minutes. Clean drying, the longest mode, can take up to 95 minutes. I mainly put in my baby Gemma‘s milk bottles, teats and her toys to get them clean. It's really easy to use. While you can sterilize your smartphone inside too, I haven't tried it. I've been using the sterilizer for close to a year now, and have used it after every wash till when Gemma was about seven months old. I then switched to using it once a day to clean.

Cuchen UV Sterilizer
Credit: Cuchen
Cuchen UV Sterilizer
Credit: Cordelia Low/Can Buy or Not
Cuchen UV Sterilizer
Credit: Cordelia Low/Can Buy or Not

The sterilizer is also easy to clean, just wipe it down with a damp cloth at the end of a session and you're done. I liked how compact it was, with it being able to fit in my very packed kitchen countertop without taking too much space. Another feature that will come in handy is the UV alert indicator that tells me when the lights need replacing.

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The Cuchen UV Sterilizer comes with a one to three-year warranty depending on who you buy from. It's available from S$359 and can be purchased from online shopping platforms like Shopee and Lazada

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Virus zapping goodness.

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