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Creative Sensemore Air review: Excellent value

Creative Sensemore Air review: Excellent value

Creative Sensemore Air

While the Creative Sensemore Air isn't the best pair of wireless headphones around, it's still very good for the price you pay. The Sensemore Air easily outperforms its S$119 price tag, with good sound, and fantastic 10-hour battery life.

Quick specs

  • Battery: 10 hours (ANC off), 8 hours (ANC on), with case adding 25 hours
  • Wireless charging for case
  • IPX5 water- and sweat-resistant
  • Dual microphones

Another thing that's impressive for its price is the fact that it comes with active noise cancelling (ANC). While it's not as strong as more expensive in-ears, it's good enough to keep out fan noise. I did notice I could still hear cars and the rain, though, even at the strongest setting. But you won't notice it when music is playing. The Sensemore feature, which is basically the ambient noise mode, is weird. It tends to emphasise background sounds a bit too much, while voices sound normal. So you end up straining to hear voices.

Creative Sensemore Air
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Sensemore Air's audio is decent. Bass is strong, but without feeling boomy. However, I do feel like the mids could be a bit stronger. It felt at times like the vocals were being overwhelmed by the highs, and the bass. However, I do like how clearly separate instruments are, and the soundstage feels wide despite being in-ears. It's probably quite similar to the Outlier Pro in terms of sound performance. You can also adjust the EQ to your liking, though. There's also SXFI support, but only for local playback via the app (and not streaming apps).

Creative Sensemore Air
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Battery life is very good. Creative claims a 10-hour battery life, with the plastic case adding another 25 hours. My tests show that it's close to what's claimed — four hours into our full volume audio loop playback test, the earbuds still had more than 70% charge left. It's also pretty comfortable, and didn't pop out while I was running, too. The microphone is decent, but it's not the clearest.

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The Creative Sensemore Air offers a lot of value in terms of sound quality, and active noise cancelling. But you can rule out the ambient noise feature as it's not very good. Get it from Shopee.

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Decent audio and noise cancelling for its price.

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