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Creative Pebble X Plus review: Bigger soundstage

Creative Pebble X Plus review: Bigger soundstage

Creative Pebble X Plus

Creative's Pebble range of desktop speakers has always impressed us, and the new Creative Pebble X features a larger soundstage, as well as a more balanced sound. And despite being slightly larger than the Pebble Pro, the Pebble X still doesn't take up that much space. The Plus version that I tested comes with a subwoofer, which adds a bit more oomph, but the standard Pebble X is already good enough.

Quick specs

  • 2.75-inch full-range drivers, 3.5-inch subwoofer
  • 2x USB-C to USB-C cable, 3.5mm AUX-in cable
  • Peak power up to 30W, up to 60W with charger

Like the other Pebble speakers, the Pebble X Plus has the same cute round design. I've actually grown quite fond of this design, actually. It sits nicely on my desk, and the shape blends in well with its surroundings. The RGB lighting now lights up from the sides, giving the Pebble a mysterious look. My main grouse, though, is that you have to use the right speaker on the right. All the connecting wires are on the right speaker, but if your PC is placed on the left, you'll have to figure out how to route your wires. Alternatively, you can download Equalizer APO to swap the left and right channels.

Creative Pebble X Plus
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Since the speaker has Bluetooth, you can also skip some wires, and just keep it powered. However, the 3.5-inch subwoofer still needs to be plugged in. I recommend just spending some time to do some routing for a tidy desk. There are two buttons, and a volume dial on the speaker. The rightmost button controls the lighting — you can choose from a few presets. Pressing and holding the lighting button will also let you adjust the brightness with the dial. The Bluetooth button lets you toggle between sources, while holding down on the volume dial will turn off the speakers.

Creative Pebble X Plus
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Despite having a higher 15W RMS (root mean square, or how much continuous power a speaker can put out), the Pebble Pro at 10W RMS, sounds much louder. However, the Pro has a lot more detail, and the soundstage feels wider. The subwoofer also fills up the bass portion nicely. You get a peak power of 30W RMS when plugged into the correct port. Meanwhile, the Pebble X has the same soundstage and detail, but the lack of subwoofer means that sounds such as gunshots don't feel as impactful. If you're plugging in the speaker to a charger with a 30W PD at least, such as the cute Ugreen Nexode Robot GaN 30W, then the speaker goes up to 60W RMS, and sounds even more impressive. I feel like that should be my default.

At S$189 for the Creative Pebble X Plus and S$129 for the Pebble X, these desktop speakers are easily worth the price. The Pebble X is good enough, but if you want a bit more power in your bass, go for the Plus. Get the Pebble X and Pebble X Plus from Creative.

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