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Cheerble Wicked Snail review: Cat-friendly fun

Cheerble Wicked Snail review: Cat-friendly fun

Cheerble Wicked Snail

The original Cheerble Ball was an interesting toy that kept my cats entertained, until they figured it out. But the Cheerble Wicked Snail seems to keep their attention better, thanks to its RGB antennas.

Quick specs

  • 77g, 68mm x 50mm x 59mm
  • 200mAh battery
  • Detachable shell

Unlike the Ball, the Wicked Snail does away with the felt covering, and only comes with two modes, Gentle or Normal. It doesn't have the Active mode of the Ball, but the Normal mode is already pretty zippy. My cats love chasing it around, though they stopped chasing it after a while as well. However, they do seem excited when I take the Wicked Snail out for them to play with. I'm pretty sure if my cats were still kittens, they'd go nuts over it.

Cheerble Wicked Snail
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

That said, I do note it's has the same issue as the original Cheerble Ball, in that once they figure it out, they may find it boring. So your best bet is probably to take it out once in a while for them to play. Now, the Wicked Snail is pretty good at avoiding obstacles. It redirects itself when it does inevitably run smack into walls. It can also flip itself back up while it's on the side. And if you're worried about losing it, the RGB antennas do help in locating them, even if it's under a sofa.

Cheerble Wicked Snail
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Wicked Snail runs around for 10 minutes before resting for 40 minutes. This gives your cat a break from running around. I've left it to run on its own for about half a day, before it needs a charge. It was able to glide over marble and laminate floors, but they will get stuck on thicker rugs. Lastly, do note that it has its own unique charger, so be sure to keep it secure or you won't be able to charge the Wicked Snail. And if you're worried about tangles, the shell is also removable for cleaning.

At US$50, the Cheerble Wicked Snail is a pretty fun toy for your cat, though it is honestly more fun for younger kittens (unlike mine). Still, older cats will get some fun and exercise from it. Get it directly from Cheerble, or buy it online at Shopee, or Amazon SG.

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Note: Review unit provided by Cheerble.

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