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Getting started with EV charging apps in Singapore

Getting started with EV charging apps in Singapore

EV Charging

Whether you own or are renting an electric vehicle (EV), you will at some point need to charge it. After reading our guide on how and when to charge an EV in Singapore, you should also know which app(s) you'll need on your smartphone to get the charging done. In this guide, we'll recommend a couple that will get you started with finding a charging station and/or paying for charging.


Screenshot of charging locations in Singapore using PlugShare.

The PlugShare service is used to find a charger near you. Tapping on a charging location, you will be able to see the type of charging port and number of chargers there. PlugShare's focus of being a community-based app means users can contribute by submitting photos of the charging location, and “check-in” to EV points to leave comments. According to PlugShare's own FAQ, it has a feature called Pay with Plugshare that is supposed to let you pay directly, rather than download an EV charging provider's own app. I didn't see any listed stations that supported this in my time using PlugShare though, so I'd recommend just using it as an locator.

SP App

There's a good chance you may already have this app if you manage your home's power usage and bill. Since it's not a dedicated EV charging app, the relevant section has to be found by tapping “More” on the Home page, then “EV Charging”. From there, you can view a map to find nearby chargers, with updated info about availability of points at that location. Another bonus to using the SP App is that you may already have your payment details added for your home electric bill, so there's no further setup for charging your EV.



According to Charge+, the company has the largest network on EV chargers in Singapore. Living in the north, which tends to have fewer EV charging points compared to the South and Northeast regions, I did find Charge+ to have more EV charging points in my area. Like the SP App, you can see which points are available before getting there, and payment is through a credit card you add to the app.

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Shell Recharge

According to Shell's website, EV charging is available at half of all Shell petrol stations in Singapore. This makes it convenient for occasions when you're out and need a quick recharge without having to pay parking charges. The app itself is super simple, displaying a map of your vicinity the moment you fire it up. All you have to do is create an account and enter payment details to get started.

Apps will show you charging point locations and availability.
Credit: Screenshot by John Chan/Can Buy or Not

Which app should you download?

The simple answer to this question is, download the one that supports the charging point where you usually park. The SP App and Charge+ may cover many HDB and private estates, but depending on your address, you may possibly need to use one from ComfortDelGro (CDG Engie), Keppel Volt, or others. 

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