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Black Shark Magnetic Cooler review: Icy cool

Black Shark Magnetic Cooler review: Icy cool

Black Shark Magnetic Cooler

Having your phone heat up while gaming is pretty normal, but you really don't want it constantly hot. Not only is it uncomfortable to hold, the heat may cause performance issues. The Black Shark Magnetic Cooler solves this admirably, simply by sticking it on your phone. However, it requires an additional power cable.

Quick specs

  • Requires a 5V-2A charger
  • 7,200RPM fan
  • Comes with a 1.5m USB-C to USB-C cable

If you're using an iPhone with MagSafe, then using the cooler is a breeze. It sticks magnetically to the back of your phone, and can be used as a stand as well. If not, you'll have to paste a film on the back of the phone, then stick the metal sticker on top. This will mean an additional layer between the phone and the cooler, which may affect performance. Unfortunately, I didn't have an Android phone with me — I've returned them after testing. I will update this review in the future when I can test it with Android.

Black Shark Magnetic Cooler
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

When plugged into a USB power source, the metal plate at the bottom of the cooler immediately starts cooling. I suspect it's probably a Peltier cooler, similar to the Torras Coolify neck air-con. A fan at the bottom sucks in cool air, which is then pumped out through the sides to cool the fins. If it's not attached to something to cool, moisture starts condensing on the surface. You should probably also not block the bottom, since the airflow is coming from there.

Black Shark Magnetic Cooler
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Using coconutBattery to monitor the iPhone's battery temperatures, I plugged in an iPhone to charge it and played a game to increase the battery temperature. The battery measured at 37 degrees Celsius after five minutes. I then attached the cooler and watched as temperatures dipped down to 30.5 degrees Celsius after five minutes. On a whim, I decided to see if it was possible to cool a cup of water — well, the answer is no.

At S$65, the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler isn't cheap. But it will cool your phone down for sure. That is, if you are near a power source or using a battery pack. Get it from Shopee, Lazada, or Amazon.

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Works well, but needs its own power cable.

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