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Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex USB cable review: No more fraying

Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex USB cable review: No more fraying

Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex Cables

Tired of seeing your charging cables fray and tear after a while? While you can probably tape up the fraying part, it's not a solution that will last. Belkin's Boost Charge Pro Flex USB cables, though, are equipped with several features that increase the durability. They also come in four colours, three different lengths, and a variety of connectors, including USB-A, USB-C, and Apple's Lightning connector.

Quick specs

  • Silicone jacket inside
  • Extended soft strain relief
  • Braided exterior
  • Magnetic cable management system

Belkin claims that its Boost Charge Pro Flex cables are up to 30x more durable than ordinary cables. They have been tested internally to survive over 30,000 bends compared to 1,000 bends for a typical PVC cable. For starters, these cables have a double-braided nylon exterior, while the silicone jacket inside makes them harder to kink and tangle. Belkin is confident enough of its product that it's offering a five-year warranty for these cables.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex Cables
The soft strain relief (the plastic or silicone portion before the connector) on the Belkin is longer than the standard Apple cable. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Belkin has also extended the soft strain relief segment. This silicone or plastic part is near the ends of the cable where most cables, in my experience, break or fray after extended use. For the Belkin cable, this silicone segment is longer than usual. It is also stiffer than the braided segment that follows, and presumably more resistant to breakage.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex Cables
The magnetic cable management system. Credit: Belkin

These Belkin cables come with a magnetic cable management system that lets you mount them to the wall or desk. You simply stick the included metal plate (with 3M sticky back tape) to your preferred spot. It's handy for desktop charging setups — while you may shift your MacBook Air around the home, you're probably not going to move the charging cable.

Each Belkin Boost Charge Pro Flex USB cable costs S$39.90 (1m, choice of blue, pink, black, and white) which is fairly steep for a cable. It's even more expensive than Apple's USB-C to Lightning cable (S$29), for example. However, Belkin does seem to have designed its cables for durability, and has backed it up with a five-year warranty. The cable management system also makes it easy to secure and route the cables to your liking. Get the USB-C to USB-C version, the USB-A to USB-C cable, the USB-A to Lightning, and the USB-C to Lightning from the Belkin Official Store on Shopee now.

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