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Belkin Boost Charge Pro 4-port GaN Charger review: Space saver

Belkin Boost Charge Pro 4-port GaN Charger review: Space saver

Belkin 4-port GaN Charger

The Belkin Boost Charge Pro 4-port GaN Charger is a boon for those with multiple smart devices. It can charge up to four devices at the same time via its USB-C and USB-A ports. Instead of having individual chargers for my laptop, smartphone, smartwatch and wireless earbuds, I now just need one. This frees up my power strip for other devices like my monitor or soundbar.

Quick specs

  • 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A ports
  • USB-PD 3.0 fast charging
  • Total output: 108W
  • 2-year warranty

Depending on the number of devices connected to its four ports (2x USB-C and 2x USB-A), the Belkin automatically adjusts the power output (up to 108W in total). The maximum power it delivers to a single device is 96W, which is sufficient for a USB-C notebook like the Apple MacBook Pro. Add a second USB-C device and it becomes 65W for the first USB-C port and 30W for the second USB-C port. Meanwhile, the two USB-A ports share up to 12W of power. To get the maximum 108W output, plug in a single laptop (96W) and either one or two USB-A devices (12W altogether). If you're connecting four devices, the total output is 107W (65W + 30W + 12W).

Belkin 4-port GaN Charger
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Belkin has helpfully printed the power delivered on the charger itself for easy reference. Given the power output disparity between the USB-C and USB-A ports, I recommend using the USB-A ports for slower devices like an older iPhone, a smartwatch or wireless headphones. The Belkin comes with a 2m power cord (no other cables included). This ample length means you can place it practically anywhere on your desk.

Belkin 4-port GaN Charger
The rubber feet help to keep the charger in place on your desk. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Like the Belkin Boost Charge GaN Wall Charger, the Boost Charge Pro uses the more efficient gallium nitride technology. As a result, it runs much cooler. In fact, the Belkin charger — with all four ports in use — felt cooler to the touch than some phones while they were being replenished using the latest super-fast chargers. Note that the charger does become uncomfortably warm after using it for some time. The Belkin is also relatively compact — another benefit of GaN tech — measuring just under 10cm at its longest edge.

At S$129, the Belkin Boost Charge Pro 4-port GaN Charger is slightly more expensive than the competition. However, Belkin does offer a longer-than-usual two-year warranty. It also comes with Belkin's connected equipment warranty of up to S$2,500. This means Belkin will pay up to S$2,500 for repairs or replacement if your device is damaged by power spikes or surges while using the charger. Get the Belkin charger now at Lazada and Shopee.

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One charger for all your devices.

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