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Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier review: Simple to use

Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier review: Simple to use

Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier

Having had a first-generation Purikool water purifier for the last few years, I figured it was about time to change. That water dispenser had condensation issues, which was annoying, and I had already returned the smart Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2 after reviewing. I've been putting the Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier through the paces the last month or so. If you've haven't heard of Bbyeol, it's actually a new brand from Ruhens, but catered toward a more lifestyle segment.

Quick specs

  • Dimensions: 155mm x 466mm x 408mm
  • Filter lifespan: 2,000L
  • Power consumption: 207W (cold), 2,800W (hot)

I was impressed with the compact design. The Lynx is slim enough (155mm wide) to fit on most kitchen tops. It also doesn't require a wide clearance. I've put the unit pretty close to the wall, about 5cm or less. You will get some heat from the right side when it's working, but it isn't too hot. You may want to keep stuff away from there (unless you want to dry the dishes quicker, but I jest). There's a drip tray at the bottom that attaches magnetically. The filters are on the left side, and you only need to change them after around 2,000 litres. There's an indicator light on the main button for the filter status. When it starts blinking in different colours, it's time to change. You can also press and hold the UV button to view filter capacity based on the colour.

Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The Lynx has six different temperature settings: 4° C, 15° C, room temperature, 40° C, 70° C, and 87° C. It dispenses in 100ml, 230ml, 500ml, and 2L volumes. You'll have to press and hold the cold water button to switch between the cold temps, but switching to hot water is as simple as tapping on the symbol. If you're worried about kids accidentally scalding themselves, there's also a child lock. I do wish it had a light at the nozzle, so I could see if water is flowing down to my cup at night. Dispensing water is easy. Just press the center button to wake the machine, then another to dispense. You can also choose the temperatures and capacity before. One thing that I didn't like: It sometimes doesn't register your second press (after pressing the button to wake the machine) so you have to press it again before it dispenses.

Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I do have to point out that while the Lynx is a decent water dispenser, it is similar to other offerings in the market such as the Sterra 7 or the Puri Soul. The latter also has a few more features that help it stand out, such as a number display. But the Lynx is the most competitively priced of the three. And while Singapore's tap water is good enough that you don't actually need a water purifier, I can't say no to having cold or hot water dispensed at my fingertips.

The Bbyeol Lynx Tankless Water Purifier is a pretty good buy if you're looking to pick one up. It retails for either S$1,499 with one year of filters and one year warranty, or S$1,799 for three years of filters and a three year warranty. It comes in two colours: Black or grey, though I prefer grey. You can get it with an alkaline filter (though I honestly think alkaline water is hogwash) or a normal filter. A set of replacement filters will cost S$129. Get it from Bbyeol.

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