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Asus VA24EHF Eye Care Gaming Monitor review: Cheap and decent

Asus VA24EHF Eye Care Gaming Monitor review: Cheap and decent

Asus VA24EHF

The Asus VA24EHF Eye Care Gaming Monitor is a bit of misnomer. Saying that it's a gaming monitor — with a 100Hz refresh rate — is stretching it. Sure, you can play PC games on this 23.8-inch display. But it's more suitable as an affordable and decent, second screen at home or the office (if your company is too cheap to provide a monitor). And given that it costs about as much as an average dinner for a party of five at a restaurant in Singapore nowadays, it's not a bad deal.

Quick specs

  • 23.8-inch IPS panel, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • Single HDMI 1.4 port
  • Variable refresh rate (Adaptive sync, 48 to 100Hz), 1ms MPRT
  • Low blue light and flicker free

The Asus VA24EHF has good specs for an entry-level monitor. The Full-HD resolution is just right for its 23.8-inch size. It's an IPS display, so viewing angles are very good. Meanwhile, the maximum brightness (250 nits) is adequate for an indoor, office environment. It could be brighter, of course. But its matte, anti-glare finish helps to mitigate reflections. So the Asus looks fine, even when used at my desk that's right next to the window. As mentioned, this monitor has a refresh rate of up to 100Hz. It actually has adaptive sync, so you can get smooth, tear-free viewing from 48Hz to 100Hz in games. But I'm guessing most gamers probably desire a higher refresh rate, and wouldn't mind paying slightly more for at least a 144Hz screen.

Asus VA24EHF
Just a single HDMI port. Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Bezels are thin on three sizes (except for the bottom). However, I was slightly taken aback by the single HDMI port on the Asus. Even for a budget monitor, I was expecting at least two HDMI ports. There's no USB-A port, either. Unsurprisingly, there's also no height adjustment or swivel. You can tilt the screen backward and forward (+23° to -5°), but that's about all. The base of the stand takes up a bit more desk space than expected for a 24-inch monitor. You can, of course, use a monitor arm as this monitor is VESA compatible. It's pretty easy to assemble this monitor — no screws required.

Asus VA24EHF
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

You navigate the OSD using the rear buttons on the right. They are a bit finicky. I think a joystick would be more intuitive. But I like how you can customise two shortcuts for OSD functions that you use frequently. For example, I set one of the shortcuts for Asus' GamePlus, which are gaming addons such as a FPS counter or a crosshair. It's quite convenient. Like other Asus monitors, the VA24EHF's OSD offers several preset display profiles, like game mode, reading mode or theater mode. For work, the sRGB mode is probably the most accurate in terms of colours (but you can't change the brightness, saturation, etc), and I mostly tested the monitor using this profile.

The Asus VA24EHF Eye Care Gaming Monitor is selling at S$139 at most online stores on Lazada and Shopee. Last I checked, the cheapest seems to be Challenger (S$116). That's a good price for a budget IPS monitor with a variable 100Hz refresh rate. If you don't mind that it only has a single HDMI port, this is a decent monitor for both work and play.

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