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Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint review: Fast and light

Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint review: Fast and light

Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint

The Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint gets a sensor upgrade that is probably superfluous to 99.9% of users. More importantly, it now lasts even longer on battery, despite losing a few grams in the process. In short, it's a good wireless gaming mouse that's competitive in both hardware and pricing.

Quick specs

  • 36,000 DPI ROG AimPoint optical sensor with 650 IPS and 50g acceleration rate
  • Weight: 75g
  • 86 hours battery life with default lighting, 119 hours without lighting
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4GHz radio frequency

What's new in the ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is the switch to the ROG AimPoint sensor. This sensor supports up to 36,000 DPI, which sounds on paper like a massive upgrade from the 16,000 DPI sensor in the previous ROG Keris. But I'm more than satisfied with 1,600 DPI or thereabouts. So this improvement is moot, and I believe most gamers would agree with me. For those that do care, the maximum acceleration and maximum speed have also been raised slightly in the AimPoint model. You can adjust the DPI setting via Asus' Armoury Crate app, or the DPI switch underneath the mouse. One minor grouse: the DPI changes using the physical switch isn't reflected in the app, even though you can tell from the mouse speed that it has been changed. The Armoury Crate app also lets you adjust the LED lighting effect, and configure the key bindings.

Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

More impressive than the new sensor is the fact that Asus has managed to shave several grams from this already lightweight wireless mouse. The AimPoint weighs 75g compared to 79g for its predecessor. This could be due to the AimPoint's smaller 370mAh battery — the ROG Keris has a 500mAh battery. But Asus says that the battery life has improved from 78 hours (without LED lighting) to 119 hours for the Keris AimPoint. From my testing using the 2.4GHz dongle and with lighting effects enabled, Asus' estimate seems spot-on. This USB dongle can be stowed within the mouse, which is very convenient for laptop users. Asus also includes a useful dongle extender with a clip that lets you attach the extender to your mousepad. So when the mouse's battery gets low, the extender's USB cable is already within easy reach for you to swap to wired mode, and charge the mouse.

Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint
Credit: Vincent Chang/Can Buy or Not

Alternatively, you can also use Bluetooth, which lets the mouse pair with up to three devices. You can see why the Keris is great for mobile workers. For gaming, the Keris Wireless AimPoint impresses with its smooth feet, and lightweight design. The mouse glides across my mousepad, while its buttons and its mechanical switches, which are swappable, feel fast and clicky. However, I miss the hyper-fast scrolling feature in Logitech mice. And although it looks almost symmetrical, this mouse is for right-handers, with a slight curve that feels comfortable in the hand.

At S$169, the Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is more expensive than your standard wireless mouse. But pricing-wise, it's pretty competitive against other lightweight wireless mice such as the Razer Viper V2 Pro (S$230) and the Logitech G Pro X Superlight (around S$190). It isn't the lightest of the lot, but battery life is relatively good, while the specs, and build quality are excellent. Get the Asus from Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon SG.

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Good lightweight gaming mouse.

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