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Apple iPad Pro (2022) review: Most powerful

Apple iPad Pro (2022) review: Most powerful

Apple iPad Pro 2022 11-inch

If it's a top-end tablet you're looking for, then the Apple iPad Pro (2022) is a no-brainer. Compared to the already excellent iPad Air, you get a newer, faster processor, more RAM (depending on your storage), faster USB-C port, and more storage. The Air is a great tablet — but if you want more of everything, you'll have to go Pro.

Quick specs

  • Apple M2 processor (8-core CPU, 10-core graphics)
  • 12MP and 10MP ultra-wide rear cameras, 12MP front
  • Up to 2TB storage
  • USB-C connector with Thunderbolt and USB 4 support

The iPad Pro shares the same form factor as the iPad Air (2022), which means it's compatible with the same accessories such as the Magic Keyboard for iPad and the Apple Pencil 2. If you're upgrading, you don't need to spend extra for accessories, which is great. The 11-inch display is brilliant. While I feel like the iPad Air's display is good enough, the 120Hz ProMotion display makes scrolling pages even smoother. It's very obvious when scrolling web pages side by side. There's a nice fluidity to it.

Apple iPad Pro 2022 11-inch
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

While the front camera is similar, the iPad Pro does pack Face ID. I actually do prefer the Touch ID power button, especially when using the iPad in bed. Sometimes Face ID doesn't quite recognise my puffy face when I wake up. The rear cameras feature portrait mode, 2x optical zoom and ProRes video recording (up to 40K 30fps), and 4K 60fps video. The front camera is similar in quality to the iPad Air, but with TrueDepth cameras for Face ID. If you really want to take really good photos and videos, stick with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, okay?

Apple iPad Pro 2022 11-inch
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

I tested the 2TB iPad Pro running iPadOS 16.2. There's a whole bunch of new features, including Stage Manager, FreeForm, and my favourite, Display Zoom. This frees up more space on the screen, allowing you to view more at once. On the 1TB and 2TB model, you get 16GB of unified memory, which means apps stay open in the background a lot longer than the iPad Air. The iPad Pro's M2 chip is snappy, and about 15% faster than the M1 version. The Pro also works well as an additional display, and is great as a secondary monitor when travelling. I'd argue the iPad Pro is powerful enough as a work machine with the Magic Keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse. Battery life is similar to the Air, with about 3hr 58mins in our video playback test. It will last you a full day, though.

With prices starting at S$1,260 (11-inch) and S$1,714 (12.9-inch) for the Wi-Fi models, the Apple iPad Pro (2022) is the best tablet you can buy now. 5G models will cost around S$230 more. While I do think the iPad Air offers the best performance for the price, you really can't go wrong with the Pro. Get it from Apple, Shopee (12.9-inch), Lazada or Amazon.

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A great and powerful tablet.

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