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Acerpure Cozy F1 review: Moving air

Acerpure Cozy F1 review: Moving air

Acerpure Cozy F1

Retailing at S$128 (usual price S$158), the Acerpure Cozy F1 air circulator does a good job of moving air. It boasts 12 speed settings and the ability to actually blast air directly upwards. It's somewhat noisy at max levels, but not loud enough that I would be annoyed. It maxes out at 60dB.

Quick specs

  • Air flow up to 15m
  • Low 25dB noise level, max 60dB
  • Remote control
  • 0-90 degrees up and down, 0-95 degrees left and right

As mentioned, there are 12 speed settings, with a Turbo option at the end. You can control the speeds on the fan itself or via the included remote. There's no app support, unlike the Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 3. So make sure you don't lose the remote, or you'll have to keep walking to the fan to make changes. The remote also magnetically attaches to a clip on the fan. I suppose you can put it elsewhere nearer where you're sitting or sleeping.

Acerpure Cozy F1
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

This Acerpure air circulator claims to be able to channel airflow up to 15 metres. My tests show that it is mostly around 8m at max power. At the lowest setting, the air flow disappears at less than a metre. At medium settings, you can get a decent breeze up to two metres. Besides being able to rotate from 0 to 95 degrees, the fan also does up and down from 0 to 90 degrees. Do note that if you're aiming to blow downwards, it really only goes down by 45 degrees or so. It can also blow air upwards like the LG PuriCare AeroTower Air Purifying Fan, but I can't think of a reason why I need this.

Acerpure Cozy F1
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Honestly, my chief concern with air circulators is usually the noise. I have an old-school metal fan, and it's annoying loud. On the contrary, the max 60dB of the Cozy F1 is bearable, and at medium settings, the Acerpure is super quiet at around 25dB according to my Apple Watch decibel monitor. And at the lowest, you'll barely hear a thing unless your room is dead quiet (or an anechoic chamber).

The Acerpure Cozy F1 is as good an air circulator as they come, and offers plenty of control for how strong your breeze is. It does a good job of moving air, and works even better in an air-conditioned environment to keep you cool. Get it from Acer (S$128), or at Lazada and Shopee where I've seen it go as cheap as S$108.

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Note: Review unit provided by Acer.

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Moves air well.

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