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Acefast Z4 PD218W Desktop Power Station GaN review: Smart power

Acefast Z4 PD218W Desktop Power Station GaN review: Smart power

Acefast Z4 PD218W

I really like the Acefast Z4 PD218W Desktop Power Station GaN. It comes with four ports (three USB-C and one USB-A), and lets you control how much power each port delivers by pressing a button. There's also a TFT display that shows the power consumption for each connected device. In other words, it's excellent.

Quick specs

  • 218W GaN charger, max 100W per port
  • Ports: 3x USB-C, 1x USB-A
  • 1.3-inch TFT colour display, auto brightness adjustment

Like most GaN chargers, the Acefast Z4 PD218W is compact. It will fit on your desk without taking a lot of space. However, it has its own power cable, so you can route it under a table with a cable management tray such as the Omnidesk Ascent or the Omnidesk Classic to get a clean look. The front features Acefast's signature look, a transparent plastic that lets you peek into the internal circuit board. The four ports are located on the front next to the TFT display, where you'll also find a button.

Acefast Z4 PD218W
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

This button lets you switch between the Acefast Z4 PD218W's four modes. Each mode changes how much power the ports deliver. Mode A sets the ports to give you a maximum power of 100W (USB-C 1), 65W (USB-C 2), 30W (USB-C 3), and 18W (USB-A) respectively. Mode B sets the three USB-C ports to 65W each, while the USB-A continues to deliver 18W max. Mode C turns off the third USB-C port, while delivering 100W each to the first two ports. The USB-A remains unaffected. Mode D turns off the USB-A port, while setting the first two USB-C ports to 100W, and the third port to a max of 18W. Note that this mode still won't charge devices that have a USB-C port but not a PD chip. You will have to use the USB-A port to charge these devices.

Acefast Z4 PD218W
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Being able to switch modes is great because if you need to charge two devices quickly, you can always toggle Mode C or D on the Acefast Z4 PD218W to get the best power output. Alternatively, if you need to charge three devices at once while keeping the best power output, then Mode B is a pretty good option. Now, if you're worried about remembering all of the above, don't. That's because the display will show you the max power and the mode you're in. It makes this info readily available. The display will also show you how much power your devices are drawing. As a person who obsesses over the details of my tech devices, this allows me to easily monitor power draw and consumption — it's my favourite feature for this charger.

At around S$86-ish on AliExpress, the Acefast Z4 PD218W is a great buy if you want a desktop charger to keep all your devices powered easily. The AliExpress version comes with an EU plug, but you can use a C7 power cord lying around. It's more expensive on the Acefast Mall, and goes for US$79.99 on Amazon US.

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Note: Review unit provided by Acefast.

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An excellent charger for tech enthusiasts

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