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70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam review: Sharp video

70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam review: Sharp video

70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam

As a car camera, the 70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam is decent. The camera rotates 360 degrees, shoots good quality video, and has cool voice-activated features. If you install the 4G hardwire kit, you also get AI-powered motion detection for suspicious behaviour around your car as well as alerts.

Quick specs

  • Full-HD with 30fps or 60fps
  • Lens FOV: 140 degrees
  • Built-in GPS module, bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Voice control

The Omni X200 doesn't look like your typical car dash cam. It has cute curves, sits vertically, and features the camera in the middle. The design lets it rotate the camera around in a full circle. Note that this is the limit, it can't rotate more than 360 degrees. Size-wise, it's comparatively bigger, especially compared with your typical Blackvue or iRoad models. But when it's on my windscreen, I barely noticed it while driving. Besides its recording features, the dash cam also comes with driver assist to warn you if you're drifting out your lane, as well as motorist and pedestrian warnings. It will also warn you if you're approaching an oncoming vehicle too fast.

70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam
The camera rotates all the way around.
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Unlike other dash cameras, the Omni X200 lets you control it with your voice. You can tell it to “shoot left” or “shoot right” to take 10-second videos of the respective sides. You can also say “shoot emergency video” to record forward, or “shoot inside” to take a video of the cabin. “Shoot vlog” (one word), will make the camera pan around the cabin so you can wave and smile for your road trip video. Other voice commands include “take picture” and “take selfie”. You can also turn the audio recording on and off. The voice commands are responsive, but if you're listening to a podcast, the dash cam may accidentally trigger. It happened multiple times during my testing, even when the words said aren't part of the voice commands.

70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

Video quality is pretty good, with plenty of detail for day shots. When you download videos, you can use “RS” mode that will show a futuristic UI. It will overlay info such as how close you are to other cars, your speed, and the route based on the built-in GPS. Night videos are brighter compared with my usual Blackvue camera, though as with most dash cams, the resolution is insufficient to make out the license plate if a car is too far away. Still, it's pretty good. I wasn't able to test the 4G hardwire kit. It adds a few more features, such as live streaming, as well as motion and collision detection when parked. You can also do time-lapse recording and locate your car.

The 70mai Omni X200 Dash Cam costs S$349 for the 32GB version, and you can get it bundled with the 4G hardwire key for S$429. If your car doesn't already have driver assistance features such as lane detection, this is a neat upgrade. Otherwise, it's still a great dash cam to record your drives. Get it from Lazada or Shopee.

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A great dash cam for basic cars.

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