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3-way Adaport T-Way Socket Extender review: Adding space

3-way Adaport T-Way Socket Extender review: Adding space

3 Way Adaport T-way

Feeling stuck with a limited number of power sockets at home? The 3-Way Adaport T-Way Socket Extender easily solves that without wires. The model that I bought also comes with two USB-A 5V ports, so you can easily slow charge your phone at night, too. The reverse T-shaped design helps keep it away from your other power outlets, freeing up space as well.

Quick specs

  • Child safety shutter
  • Adjustable nut
  • 3,250W max load
  • Dimensions: 20cm by 3cm by 14cm

Since I got this from a Malaysian online retailer, the Adaport comes with Malaysia's SIRIM certification. That means it's safe to use in Malaysia (and well, probably Singapore). The three power outlets are of the standard UK variety, but can also accept European dual-head plugs. There's also a child shutter to prevent kids from sticking stuff into the outlets.

3 Way Adaport T-way
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

My favorite feature, though, has to be the two adjustable nuts located at the back of the Adaport. Since the power extender doesn't quite sit flush against the wall, you can extend out the nuts to provide an additional push off the surface, letting it sit properly, and balancing out the weight of your other plugs. This way, the Adaport isn't likely to slip out of the wall outlet.

3 Way Adaport T-way
Credit: Aloysius Low/Can Buy or Not

The 3-way Adaport has a rated load of 3,250W, but as always, be sure not to overload your wall sockets with heavy power draw. If you know your device requires its own dedicated wall socket, make sure to do so. Also, because of the design, power plugs with the wires pointing downwards when plugged in will get blocked. You may have to use a multi-adaptor to get enough headspace to clear the Adaport.

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I'm pretty much liking the 3-way Adaport T-Way Socket Extender — it helps free up space and the USB ports have been useful for letting me power smaller devices such as a web camera. At around S$19, it's a cheap buy to help you better manage your power sockets. You can get it cheaper on Shopee, and quite a bit more on Lazada. If you're looking for a more universal adaptor, try the ZGN Universal Power Strip T11 instead.

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Perfect for adding more sockets.

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