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One month in, Windows 11 makes it easy to be productive

One month in, Windows 11 makes it easy to be productive

Having used the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for a month now, it's basically cemented my thoughts about the OS in my review. Sure, while it's mostly the same as Windows 10, it's the UI tweaks that make it so much better.

Obviously, there's no denying the cosmetic changes make Windows 11 feel modern. But that's not to say Windows 10 felt dated at all. The rounded corners and pastel colors of the menus give it a pleasant feel. The centered taskbar is also something I liked a lot, since it's now easier to click on stuff.

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Now, that could be because I'm also using macOS, which shares a similar centered taskbar. But I'd argue it takes less distance to click, and I'm all about these slight efficiency tweaks. The biggest improvements, however, are how you handle the windows in Windows 11.

Hovering over the maximise button pops up the Snap Layout menu that lets you decide how you want to configure your windows. You can split your workspace into halves, thirds, quarters, or a mix of any of those. This works best if you have a large or ultra-wide screen, such as the 27-inch HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor. Or if you have two 24-inch monitors like me, it helps to divide your workspace more efficiently.

Another thing I've come to use a lot is virtual desktops. You can move your windows between each desktop for better organisation. For me, that's one desktop for work, and another for gaming. That also means I don't have to mix my browser tabs with gaming and work stuff.

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Now, for the not-so-nice things. It bugs me that it now takes a few more clicks to switch between audio devices. You now need to click on the sound icon and then click on the tiny arrow. Previously, it was just a simple click on the icon to change devices.

I'm not sure why Microsoft decided to make it a bit clunkier, but it's a poor decision. Opening a new Windows Explorer instance also now requires a middle mouse click instead just shift-clicking the icon on the taskbar. It's mildly irritating. Also, sometimes the Start menu doesn't open or work, though it seems mostly limited to my second screen's taskbar.

That said, these aren't unfixable issues. Microsoft will likely get to them, or users may offer command line fixes after doing their own digging. With Android app compatiblity launching soon via the Amazon Appstore, this opens up the OS to even more features that will only make it even better. I can't wait.

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