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CES 2021: Samsung TVs

CES 2021: Samsung TVs

Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung's CES 2021 online event saw the Korean electronics giant talk about its new TVs, which include a commitment to make its TVs green by reducing their carbon footprint through better packaging and reduced power consumption for its new Neo QLED TV line. The coolest thing has to be a rechargeable TV remote that can be powered by solar or indoor light.

Here are the key bits of the announcements.

In a nutshell

  • Quantum Mini LED that's 1/40 the height of current LEDs for Neo QLED TVs
  • The new TVs will feature 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models
  • Neo Quantum Processor will feature AI upscaling
  • TVs have smart features like workouts and can analyze postures
  • New 99-inch and 111-inch Micro LED TVs

The new Neo QLED TVs are a mouthful, but they feature cool tech such as super tiny LEDs that Samsung claims will make darks darker and brights, well brighter. This means better and more immersive HDR, but we'll have to see one in action first — after all, seeing is believing.

The new Neo Quantum Processor will feature 16 neural networks for better upscaling, leading to clearer 4K and 8K images. Other smart features include Samsung Health, which has a Smart Trainer feature that analyzes your postures in real time, and tells you about your reps, form, and estimates the calories burned.

Other features include an ultra-wide 32:9 viewing mode for gaming, and a PC connect option to let you work on a bigger screen.

Samsung Micro LED
Credit: Samsung

Lastly, Samsung's Micro LED tech is finally in a real TV, and comes in 99-inch and 111-inch sizes. It's basically all display, as Samsung says it has a 99% screen-to-body ratio and features 24 million LEDs. One cool feature it has is the quad view (dubbed 4Vue) feature that lets you play four different content sources at once.

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