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Iqunix L80
Iqunix L80 Mechanical Keyboard review: The good-looking type

The Iqunix L80 mechanical keyboard has an attractive design and all the features you expect from a compact wireless keyboard.

Zihaiguo self-heating claypot rice review: Hot stuff

Sick of instant noodles? Try the Zihaiguo self-heating claypot rice series, which has been incredibly popular on the Chinese internet.

Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser
Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser review: Higher ergo better

The Oatsbasf Laptop Stand and Riser is a compact, foldable laptop stand that raises your laptop higher than regular stands.

Rock Magnetic Lightning Cable review: Clutter-free coil

The Rock Magnetic Light Cable lets you uncoil as much as you need when charging, keeping the rest in a neat bundle.

Windkiss Mask Air Fan main image
Windkiss Mask Air Fan review: Lacks cooling power

The Windkiss Mask Air Fan is a lightweight clip-on fan designed to go inside your face mask, to aid air circulation under the mask

Boya BY-WM3
Boya BY-WM3 Wireless Microphone: Clarity for creators

The Boya BY-WM3 is a wireless microphone system for your smartphone. It lets you capture…

ZMI 50W power bank UK
ZMI 50W Power Bank + Charger (APB03) review: Reliable two-in-one

The ZMI 50W Power Bank + Charger (APB03) acts as both a notebook power adapter and portable battery, with a rated capacity of 6700mAh.

Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard review: Effective TV text input

The Mini i8 wireless keyboard with a QWERTY layout makes typing text on a smart TV or console more convenient at a low price

Baseus Dual Wireless Charger
Baseus Dual Wireless Charger (10W) review: Two not better than one

The Baseus Dual Wireless Charger simultaneously charges two smartphones wirelessly but sometimes more is not always better.

Oatsbasf Magic Box 3-in-1 USB Cable review: Slow but neat charging

The Magic Box 3-in-1 USB cable with Lightning and USB-C is worth considering as a do-it-all cable that fits neatly in your bag