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Aloysius Low is an ex-CNET editor with more than 15 years of experience in tech and esports. He's really into cats.

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Apple iPhone 14 Plus
Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: Bigger and better

Can Buy — the Apple iPhone 14 Plus offers some new camera tricks, a bigger screen, and feels more balanced in the hand.

Oppo Reno8 Pro
5 Android smartphones to consider for photography

Making content and memories get even easier with new Android smartphones, and here are 5 picks you can consider for great pictures and video.

DJI Avata
DJI Avata review: Thrilling flight

Can Buy — the DJI Avata is a flying machine that delivers a fun first-person experience. You’ll feel as if you’re soaring through the air like a bird.

Xiaomi 12T Pro
Xiaomi 12T Pro hands-on: 200 freaking megapixels

The Xiaomi 12T Pro supersizes smartphone photography with a 200MP sensor. Find out if it makes sense.

Kobo Clara 2E review: Eco-friendly

Can Buy — the compact Kobo Clara 2E is made from 100% recycled plastic, and is also waterproof for reading by the pool. Nice.

Dell Pro Webcam
Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 review: Pro optics

Can Buy — the Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 offers good performance for its price. It does auto-framing, has a mic if you need it, and offers good low-light performance.

Apple AirPods Pro 2
Apple AirPods Pro 2 review: Great improvements

Can Buy — the Apple AirPods Pro 2 are Apple’s best wireless earbuds yet, and offers great noise cancelling, audio quality, and battery life.

Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 8 review: Incremental tweaks

Can Buy — the Apple Watch Series 8 may only have incremental upgrades over the previous Series 7, but it’s still a great smartwatch for fitness, and err, making babies.

Terra Invicta
Terra Invicta review: Insanely deep

Can Buy — Terra Invicta is one heck of an in-depth strategy game that will have you having fun figuring out the mechanics while battling an alien threat.

Office space
5 gadget wants for the office

If you’re working in the office five days a week, you’ll want to make sure it’s set up nicely so you can be productive.