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Office space
5 gadget wants for the office

If you’re working in the office five days a week, you’ll want to make sure it’s set up nicely so you can be productive.

Logitech MX Mechanical
How to choose the right mechanical keyboard layout as a beginner

From 40% to tenkeyless to full-sized keyboards, here’s how to pick the right mechanical keyboard.

Shargeek Retro GaN 35W
Shargeek Retro 35 GaN Charger review: Cute, compact, capable

Can Buy — the Shargeek Retro 35 GaN Charger is a cute 35W charger that’s also super compact. Perfect for charging anywhere.

Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank
Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank review: Bonus dock

Can Buy — the Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is great, and comes with a dock, but there’s no charge indicator.

Giveaway alert: Lightwave: Isle of Light empowered by Oppo tickets for i Light Singapore 2022

Can Buy or Not is giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the Lightwave: Isle of Light Empowered by Oppo event as the i Light Singapore 2022 festival.

Editors’ Choice: Top 5 gadgets of 2021

Can Buy or Not editors share our top 5 gadgets of 2021 that have caught our eye and why. And yes, you should consider getting them too!

CES 2021: In a nutshell

Here’s where we’ve collected all the big news coming out from the biggest electronics tradeshow in the world.

12.12 sale
12 gadgets to consider for 12.12 (2020)

12.12 may be your last chance to grab that deal you’ve been waiting for. Here are our best reviewed gadgets you should pick up this sale.